Calvi Sainte-Catherine Airport Parking

Useful information about airport parking at Calvi Airport

Calvi Sainte-Catherine Airport (CLY) is located approximately 6 km from the town of Calvi. It has 200 parking spaces.

The airport is not responsible for any theft or damage to vehicles parked in the parking lot and the parking lot is not secured.

Parking fees can be paid in cash, with a credit card at a Pay-On-Foot terminal located in the arrivals area of the terminal, or by cheque at the Information Desk located in the airport’s central hall.

Drivers may drop travelers off in the Drop Off area located in front of the departure’s area, but vehicles may not be parked here.

The first 15 minutes of parking are free of charge, and a ticket is still needed. After that the fees are as follows:

15 to 30 Minutes                                                               1,00€

30 to 45 Minutes                                                               1,10€

45 Minutes to 1 Hour                                                         1,20€

1 Hour to 12 Hours                                                           +0,10€ per every quarter of an hour

12 Hours to 24 Hours                                                         6,00€

24 hours to 48 Hours                                                         10,00€

48 Hours to 72 Hours                                                         17,00€

72 Hours to 96 Hours                                                         24,00€

Per Additional Day Beyond 96 Hours                                    7,00€

Lost Ticket Fee                                                                   50,00€

Calvi Airport also offers parking permits for periods of parking at the airport.

Fees are as follows:

Per Month                                                                          107€

Per Trimester                                                                     256€

Per Six Months                                                                   383€

Per Year                                                                             511€

Miscellaneous Costs

Replacement of a car park barrier: Actual Cost

Car Tow by the airport from airport grounds: 55,14€ excluding taxes.

Car Parks at Calvi Airport

Name Address Opening Hours On Airport Grounds
Gare de Lumio T30, 20260 Calvi, France -
Calvi-Sainte-Catherine-Parking 20260 Calvi, France Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00

Map of Car Parks at Calvi Airport


Frequently Asked Questions - Calvi Airport Parking

Which car parks at Calvi Airport can be found on the Airport grounds?
The following car parks can be found on the Airport grounds at Calvi Airport: