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Calvi Sainte-Catherine Airport Train Transfers

It is not possible to transfer to or from Calvi Sainte-Catherine Airport (CLY) by train as the airport does not have a train station. The options available for transfer are rental cars, taxis, hotel shuttles or private shuttles.

Trains in Calvi

The Corsican train network is made up of two main lines, the Central Line and the Balagne Line. The rail network is 230 km/143 mi long in total and it looks like a squiggly Y on a map with the most southern station located in Ajaccio, with Calvi on the northeastern end and Bastia on the northwestern side. The meeting point that connects to the two lines is in Ponte-Leccia in the center of the northern part of the island.

This metric track railroad offers stunning views of mountains and plains as well of the Mediterranean Sea. The journey can be quite jumpy and might not be the most comfortable way of traveling on the island, but the experience of the views is said to be worth it.

The Balagne Line connects Ponte-Leccia with Calvi and it is 73 km/45.5 mi long. It makes up to two turns each day with a journey time of 2 hours and 30 minutes from one end to the other.

Stops on the Balagne Line:

  • Ponte-Leccia
  • Pietralba
  • Novella
  • Palasca
  • Belgodere
  • Ile Rousse
  • Algajola
  • Calenzana/Lumio
  • Calvi

The Central Line connects Bastia with Ajaccio and. It is 157 km/98 mi long and the journey from one end to the other takes 3 hours and 30 minutes. The train makes up to 5 turns per day.

Stops on the Central Line:

  • Bastia
  • Lupino
  • Furiani
  • Biguglia
  • Lucciana
  • Barchetta
  • Ponte Novu
  • Ponte Leccia
  • Francardo
  • Omessa
  • Soveria
  • Corte
  • Poggio Riventosa
  • Venaco
  • Vecchio
  • Vivario
  • Tattone
  • Vizzavona
  • Bocognano
  • Tavera
  • Ucciani
  • Carbuccia
  • Mezzana
  • Caldaniccia
  • Ajaccio